About Us

I’m Ben Grady the Owner/Director/Builder at Discovery Homes and President of Certified Builders Marlborough.

I have been in the Building industry since 1986 when I completed a four year apprenticeship in Carpentry. I have been in the industry ever since, taking on different roles as a contract builder, contract manager and project manager for a large franchise housing company. During these varied positions I have seen the good and the bad of the housing industry.

I decided to start my own building company, while eliminating all the perceived bad points of the building industry and emphasizing the good. I was in a position to get a lot of useful feedback from clients to develop a strategy for my company.

First of all, I didn’t want to be under the control of a franchise to avoid the costs of franchise and advertising fees on a per house basis which would eventually be passed on to the client. One thing that I learnt from my clients is that many want the company owner and project manager on site to help with decisions that need to be made during construction. I am the builder on site, I have other carpenters I call on as needed and I’m training an apprentice to help the industry move forward. I operate from a home office which also decreases overheads and provides further savings to the client as the fee associated with franchises far out-weigh any perceived franchise discounts. I’m sure I won’t be beaten on quality and price.

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About Us

I'm Ben Grady, the Owner, Director and Builder of Discovery Homes and President of Certified Builders Marlborough.

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